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Get involved in the balinese flavors, temples, culture and scenery with our proposals Feel the vibes of Bali We make you feel the vibes of Bali

Lots of things to do

We will be glad to help you to organize your perfect vacation by offering you the following facilities and services:

  • Guided Walk on villa rice fields surroundings and visit a local house, to explore the real balinese life
  • Tour Arrangement around the island of Gods
  • Activities Arrangement to discover Bali culture
  • Car and Motorbike Rental
  • Any other activity you can think of doing in Bali
Bali bike ride through the rice fields

Bike ride through the rice fields

Bali Tanah Lot Temple tour

Tanah Lot Temple


Get the best holiday memories enjoying different, curious and funny ways to explore Bali and their culture.

Traditional bali shows and dances

Every night in Ubud you can attend to performances of traditional dances and music, that represent parts of the ancient Hindu mythology.

Creating and playing traditional balinese kite

Learn how to make a kite and enjoy creating and playing by yourself. It will be such a fun activity to remember.


Let yourself be fascinated by the tranquil and wonderful view of terraced rice fields, plantations, and small villages while you are cycling along the way. A nice way to explore the island.


Enjoy the fun experience in the white water rivers of the jungles of Bali.

Gunung batur trekking and hiking

See the beauty of Bali's most visited volcano and bring back an unforgettable memory from hiking and trekking to the peak of Mount Batur, reach the best spot to experience the stunning Balinese sunrise.

Family gathering tour

A Special family recreation package: The Elephant Park & the Elephant Cave. Meet face to face with gigantic animals. These Elephants wander freely around the park. A visit to an ancient temple carved on a cliff and Holy Spring Water Temple.

Balinese cooking class

Discover the flavors of the authentic Bali cuisine. Accompanied by local, visit the market, discover the secrets of rice, cook your own Balinese delight and enjoy your food.

Traditional art class

Balinese Dance, Gamelan, Painting and Carving lessons are available during your stay.

Balinese dressing photo shooting

Live a special day becoming you a beautiful memory of your holidays.

Rice flields of Bali

Rice flields of Bali

Bali Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud

Balinese ritual dance

Balinese dance

Guided tours

Explore Bali at your rhythm and be fascinated with the beautiful landscape and so many natural and cultural highlights to discover. Let us know what you want to experience and visit, and we will be glad to organize your tour.

Tour to Kintamani

Early morning we will visit some Temples and villages full of history like Tampaksiring and its temple of the sacred fountains of Tirta Empul. Then, up through plantations to Kintamani, which is located in the external slope of the Batur Volcano Crater. From this point, we will enjoy an amazing view over the Volcano and the Lake Batur. On the way back Ubud, we can visit Goa Gajah, the Elephant Cave dated from the XI century.

Tour to Besakih

After breakfast, departure from Ubud heading Klungkung, where we will see the Justice Court and the Goa Lawah Cave, home of thousands of bats. This Bat Cave has for the Balinese a religious sense. Then we will visit the Mother Temple of Bali: Besakih. This Temple is built on the mountainside of the Agung Mountain (3.400 meters), which is the highest mountain of the island. We will have lunch in Bukit Jambul and return to Ubud through Bangli, passing by small villages and temples.

Tour to Kintamani and Besakih

Way to Sebatu, we will pass by wonderful rice fields situated in the stepped terraces. In Sebatu we will visit the temple of the sacred fountain, place of purification for the Balinese. We will pass by coffee and orange plantations before arriving at Kintamani, a mountain village at an altitude of 1400 meters over the sea level. From the village, we will enjoy an amazing view of the still active Batur Volcano (1717 meters) and Lake Batur. Then, we will visit Besakih, the most important temple of Bali, built in the mountainside of the Agung Mountain, which is the highest mountain of the island. Next, we will go to Klungkung, the former capital (1740-1908), where we will see the Justice Court (Kertagosa) and the Floating Pavilion (Bale Kambang).

Tour to Bedugul - Jatiluwih - Tanah Lot

Drive to Bedugul village, located in the jungle area of the island. This part of the island is colder, so the Balinese take advantage of Bedugul to plant vegetables and cereals and have a famous market. Later on, we will visit the botanical garden and the Ulun Danau Bratan Temple, situated by the Lake Bratan. We will have lunch in the village of Pacung and then we will go to the rural area of Jatiluwih, where we will see one of the most beautiful landscapes of the whole island with never ending stepped rice fields. Next, we will visit the Tanah Lot Temple, probably the most charismatic one of the island for two reasons: it is perched atop a rock dug by the strength of the tides and because the sunsets are astonishing.

Tour to balinese crafts villages

For centuries Ubud has been known as a place where art is the ruler of the region. Balinese performing arts and art products are mostly coming from this region. There are several villages around Ubud where people work as a sculptor, wood carving and painter.

Tour to Munduk

Drive to Lake Bratan and visit Ulun Danau Temple. After continuing to the Munduk area, perfect to trek to hidden waterfalls and spend the day in nature.

Snorkeling and diving tour

For those who love sea life, snorkeling and diving activities are essential to discover the rich and fascinating world under the seas of Bali.

Sail sensation Nusa Lembongan tour

One day trip to Nusa Lembongan, sailing one hour before getting the marvelous Island. There would have time to enjoy the water activities on its white beach as well as for having a walk around the island and see its mangrove swamps and small local villages.

Kintamani volcano tour, Bali

Kintamani volcano

Besaki Temple tour, Bali

Besaki Temple

Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida sailing tours, Bali

Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida


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