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Luxury Villa in Ubud, Bali

We are located in the middle of the rice fields and the jungle of Ubud so that you can enjoy them from the pool or your roomThis is where we are


Suara Air is situated in a beautiful undisturbed rural environment, named Banjar Melayang, just ten minutes from the cultural village of Ubud.

Aerial view of Suara Air Villa in Ubud, Bali Surroundings view of rooms of Suara Air Villa in Ubud, Bali


Ubud is in the heart of Bali's central region and is a haven for arts, crafts, and cultural seekers. Described as being about people, culture, nature, health, and arts, it is a bustling town with many galleries, shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes as well as being a very spiritual place. Around Ubud, there are temples, ancient sites and whole villages producing various handicrafts. These arts and crafts are of great interest to tourist but they also support the religious rituals and ceremonies that are so much part of the community. Much of the surrounding countryside remains very rural with wonderful scenery to be enjoyed by car, walking or cycling.

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North Bali beach, Suara Air location

Bali has been a tropical Paradise for western visitors since the 1920s. Bali is an exotic and charming island with a varied landscape, with palm-fringed sandy beaches, rice paddies tumbling down hillside terraces and soaring volcanoes, is imbued with spiritual significance and forms a part of the rich cultural life of the Balinese friendly people.

Six centuries ago, as Islam spread across South East Asia, the last great Hindu dynasty on Java retreated to Bali, with an entourage of scholars, artists, and intelligentsia. Combining elements of Hinduism and Buddhism with earlier animist beliefs, the Balinese religion pervades all aspects of everyday life. Every human activity is approached with ritual and reverence. Festivals, ceremonies, temple processions, dances, and other activities take place almost every day and are part of the rich and complexity of Balinese life. It not only captures what is special about Indonesia but also has a uniqueness of its own.

Bali's fertile agricultural productivity permitted the development of this cultural heritage and resulted in the distinctive art, architecture, music, and dances seen today. Bali is undoubtedly a mass market tourism destination and as such is a great place for a tropical island holiday with great food, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping, but there is a lot more to see and discover for travelers want discover old temples, walk down to hide waterfalls, visit traditional villages, revel in immense rice terraces, delight with nice sunsets or enjoy the rural environment.


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